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 Game Ref(s).

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PostSubject: Game Ref(s).   5/19/2010, 21:30

The Game Ref. takes control over the Event during the Game rounds. He has control over the Rounds Begging, and end. He is also responsible for all the issues that take place during that skirmish round. He deals with all of the issues, and has the final say in all the judgment over any and all choices, agreements, and/or punishments. He/She can if they so chose to consult with any of the other Refs. Admins Etc.

Point Blank Airsoft Game Ref.:

Steve "S.Cross" Cross
Tom "SoloDevilDog" Hendrickson
Kieth "Lassie" Anderson
Ethen "Shrub Having Coffee" Lay
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Game Ref(s).
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