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 Operation BioHazard 6/26/10

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PostSubject: Operation BioHazard 6/26/10   5/19/2010, 16:25

Welcome to hell on Earth. The Standard Zombie tail although Live Action. The World has been engulfed in darkness. A Virus mutated and turned all but a Select Few into Zombie. Out of that Select few a team of 5 elite members will be sent in to collect Vial’s of a so called Antidote. They must fight with little ammunition, food, water, and all other supplies. They must move through 5 different areas, and check 5 different checkpoints before evacuating toward an old farm house where they must hold out for another Evacuation Team of 10 Members. At which point the whole team will have to evacuate out to the Main Road, where Transportation will be waiting for them to escape back to the survivor’s strong hold.

Rules and Designation.

Human Search/Rescue Team:
An elite team of survivors who have been sent to retrieve a so called Antidote over a large expanse of open ground, and multiple compounds.

Weapons: The Search team will be aloud to Carry 3 weapons A Primary, a Secondary, and a Side Arm. Ammunition for the Primary, and Secondary Weapon Will be 4 magazines either Standard Magazines, or Midcaps depending on their Capacity. NO HIGHCAPS WILL BE ALOUD AT THIS EVENT However the Magazines for the Primary/Secondary CANNOT be interchangeable. Please Keep In mind that the 4 Magazine rule is for your Extra Magazines. So you can have a total of 8 EXTRA Mags. However that still leaves your Operating magazine in the weapon. So that means over all you will have 10 not 8 mags. There will be no magazine limits on Sidearms. However it will be required, and checked that all players load their magazines to mirror their Real Steel counter parts I.E. 1911’s will load a 10 round Magazine plus 1 round racked into the Chamber. Berettas will load a 12 Round Magazine plus one etc)

Zombies: They are stupid creatures that feed off the flesh of the living they have no weapons except for that they are powerful in numbers, and that they are almost invincible to kill.

1. Zombies once shot must return all the way to their starting point before reengaging the Search, And/Or the Rescue Team.
2. Humans Once Attacked by a Zombie you are a Zombie and must go to the Zombie Start point before engaging the remaining survivors.
3. Once the Survivors have made it through all the checkpoints, and have returned to the main extraction point the Game is over and will be called, and a new round will start
4. If all the Survivors are killed then the Zombies have won and the game is over a new round will start.
5. The Zombies will have no Flashlights or light producing objects of any kind (That DOES NOT INCLUDE Cell phones, Ipods, Video Cameras Etc.)
6. Humans may have flashlights
7. Humans MAY NOT use their flashlights as a Zombie deterring device
8. All Zombies WILL HAVE eye protection
9. Humans do not need Eye protection however bring some we will be switch off the Teams every round.

For any and all questions please PM me. Search Teams will be sent to me with all the names of your teammates by either PM or E-mail.

FPS Limits are the Standard SCA Limits.

For Questions or Lists please PM me or E-Mail at

Cell is 707-363-1256

Adress at which the game is gonna be held is 1081 Chiquita Rd. Healdsburg CA, 95448

Thanks all.

Capacity is 65
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Operation BioHazard 6/26/10
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