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 Operation Iron Freedom 6/12/10

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PostSubject: Operation Iron Freedom 6/12/10   5/19/2010, 16:20

There will be two teams. Team one will be prisoners (25% of people roughly) and Team two as guards.( 75% of people)
Prisoners can be a ten man team or less. While the guard team is a 30 man or more team
The prisoners must avoid the group of guards while passing through a very protected area.

• The prisoners must find their weapons, which are hidden.
• The guards will start about 5 min before the game.
• A loud signal (or Admin)will inform the prisoners that the game has started.
• Any eliminated player hit is out until the next round and must go to there staging area.
• Eliminated players must go to staging and while going to staging remain quiet at all times.
•Magazines must be mid-cap or standard only limit is 190rds. Limit for pistols will be 30rds.
•Prisoners may have a total of 5 magazines for your primary and 3 for your sidearm.
•Guards may have a total of 10 magazines for your primary and 5 for your sidearm.
•Guards must have flash lights and keep them turned on at all times.
•Prisoners can use flashlights as needed.
•FPS limit and engagment distance are standard SCA limits.

What You Need
•Age or Pistol (both preferred, one is required)
•Goggles/Safety Glasses/Full Face Mask (17 or younger require Full Face Mask or Full Seal Goggles)
•Duffle Bag (to put your gear in)
•Rubber Training Knife (preferred for stealth kills)
•BB’s and/or Gas

Winning The Game
Guards: Capture the prisoners (a hit counts as a capture)
Prisoners: Rescue other members, complete your mission and then reach extraction with out letting guards capture your team

Address at which the game is gonna be held is 1081 Chiquita Rd. Healdsburg CA, 95448
Capacity will be 42

If you have any questions post them here if you wish to sign up please see the forum " OP. Iron Freedom Sign Up"

SCA Game Rules
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Operation Iron Freedom 6/12/10
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